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Whether you’re coming in for a full Brazilian wax or a simple underarm wax, your experience is guaranteed to be a great one!

The Posh Wax Experience

Posh By Poe is Tampa's premier wax lounge where luxury meets grooming perfection. We specialize in full body waxing treatments for men and women that redefine self-care. Our expertise extends to brazilian, manzilian, eyebrows, chest, back, & legs catering to Tampa's beauty enthusiasts.


Step into a sanctuary of relaxation and refinement at Posh By Poe. Experience a transformative wax experience in Tampa, leaving you feeling confident and poised. For those seeking a Brazilian or Manzilian wax in Tampa, Posh By Poe delivers excellence in every service we provide.


Our wax lounge blends luxury and comfort, with dedicated professionals tending to your grooming needs with precision. Whether it's brazilian waxing or eyebrow waxing, we create a rejuvenating and invigorating experience.


Experience Posh By Poe – where grooming meets artistry! Welcome to a realm where luxury and self-care intertwine seamlessly!


Lets get you poshed.


Say 'farewell' to razor burn and ingrown hair with our wax services, and say hello to smooth clear skin!

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Lets get you poshed.


Take full advantage of our customary wax, skin care, and hair care services. Your skin and hair will thank you for it!

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There are things you can do 

to make each visit more comfortable. 

Check out our before & after care products. 


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