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Hair Services

Hair Services
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Basic Blow Out

There is nothing “basic” about this blow out! With expert conditioning and style, you will leave Posh by Poe camera ready!  This service includes a hair wash and followed by creating body with our professional hair care tools - no curling iron or flat iron needed.

30 mins |

$35 (Starting at)

• Add a cut to the Once Step for $25

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Detangling & Length

Planning on coming to the salon and don’t have time to run through your tresses, if you skip the combing yourself, we can detangle your hair for you! Just let us know so that we can add this service, price varies on length.

15 mins |


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2 hrs |


Basic Once Step Stystem

The Basic One Step is a smoothing treatment that repairs hair using naturally derived ingredients; using a blend of enriched amino acids + heat to temporarily elongate (smooth) hair without harsh chemicals or formaldehyde.  

Posh by Poe recommends the Basic One Step treatment for those rocking natural tresses and are looking for the versatility of straight tresses or a frizz free look for wearing your hair curly. This treatment will last for up to 20 shampoos.

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Hair Cut

Add a haircut to any hair service. Trim the ends or go for a dramatic new look safely knowing that Posh by Poe has the experience & confidence for you to achieve your look.

30 mins |

$20 (Starting at)

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For a silky smooth finishing touch to straighten your hair flatirons provide the heat needed to achieve a flawless look. 

30 mins  |

$10 (Starting at)

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Natural Hair 


Natural hair looking for a new look or have a special event that you want a sleek look for. Posh by Poe can take you from curls to straight!

11/2 hr |

$65 (Starting at)

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Natural Hair

Two Strand Twist

The Two Strand Twist is a popular style for Natural Hair. Splitting the section of hair into two and then creating a rope-like look by wrapping each section of hair around each other.  

30 mins | 

 $55 (Starting at)

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Do you have tight curls and are ready to get “loose”, we can take care of your touch up or if it’s been awhile, let Jennifer get your hair “STRAIGHT”!

30 mins |


• Hairline in-between Touch-Up (HIT)

  ...Starting at $15

• Retouch... Starting at $75

• Virgin... Starting at $140

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Roller Rod Set

Looking to give your hair some curls + body; looking to have soft, touchable hair and look great? Posh By Poe has various size rods for your desired style.  (2 ½ hours) 

2 ½ hr |


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Wash n Go

Our wash n go is a fantastic service for anyone but especially for our clients that are rocking those natural tresses and are looking for a wash that will have your hair SET! (15 minutes)

15 mins |

$15 (Starting at)

• Add the detangling service if you            know your tresses are going to need      some extra attention.

Color Services

Color Services

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Color Services

Posh by Poe has got your color! Looking for a change or trying to get back to your natural color; or looking to highlight.  We recommend a free color consultation to pinpoint the color and look that you are seeking.

• Color - All over one color process... Starting at $85

• Color - Retouch... Starting at $70

• Color - Balayage... Starting at $110

The best way to explain the difference between Balayage and Ombre is that the former is a technique and Ombre is a style.  You get a balayage without it being styled as Ombre but if you want Ombre it has to be done using the Balayage technique. 

• Color - Full Highlight... Starting at $125

• Color - Partial Highlight (8-10 foils)... Starting at $75


** Must schedule a consultation prior to any color service.**

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Women's Set

“Shampoo & Set” After washing your hair we apply a setting lotion and gently drying the hair, usually with rollers or roller rods to achieve a soft curl look. 

1 ½ hr |

$40 (Starting at)

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