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Wax Pick

Choose from a bikini line, 

underarm, nose, ear, or brow wax.


Achieve flawless and beautifully smooth skin with our wax services.  

Body hair is a fact of life but with Posh By Poe, it doesn’t have to be!  Put down those razors and say farewell to bumps, cuts and in-growns and say hello to smooth!


Posh By Poe offers a variety of waxing services; facial and body waxing to meet your every need. From head to toe, Jennifer Poe has got you covered. With a perfected  waxing technique and all natural products, we are the experts you want to work with.

Wax Services         Touch-up Wax Services          Hair Services          Vagacial Services

  • Deep Poshkini
    (30 minutes) $25
  • Eyebrows
    (30 minutes) $15
  • Full Face
    (30 minutes) $40
  • Lower Legs
    (60 minutes) $35
  • Manzilian
    (45 minutes) $30
  • Poshkini
    (30 minutes) $15
  • Poshzilian
    (45 minutes) $27.50
  • Underarms
    (30 minutes) $15
  • Upper Lip
    (15 minutes) $5
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