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Wax Pick

Choose from a bikini line, 

underarm, nose, ear, or brow wax.


Achieve flawless and beautifully smooth skin with our wax services.  

Body hair is a fact of life but with Posh By Poe, it doesn’t have to be!  Put down those razors and say farewell to bumps, cuts and in-growns and say hello to smooth!


Posh By Poe offers a variety of waxing services; facial and body waxing to meet your every need. From head to toe, Jennifer Poe has got you covered. With a perfected  waxing technique and all natural products, we are the experts you want to work with.

Waxing Hygiene Etiquette 

First time waxer? Waxing is an up close and personal service, so it is natural to feel self-conscious at times. Please rest assured that your waxitician has seen it all! Just because she has seen it all, does not mean that you should show up straight from the gym and not showered. Nobody wants to wax a sweaty person. Not only will the wax not adhere to skin that is moist, but it will be unpleasant for your technician. Always be sure to take a bath or shower before your appointment as a courtesy to your technician. To read the full blog click here

Wax Services
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