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The Decca Plus Instant Conditioner is a blend of ingredients designed to instantly penetrate and moisturize dry, brittle hair. A light leave-in conditioner that adds fullness to wet, dry, fine, limp or lifeless hair without weighing it down.

● Suitable for the entire family and designed for all types of hair
● Excellent product to be used as a daily grooming aid
● Gives a nice sheen without the "greasy" feel

:: Healthy Hair Tips ::

A hair style that has been worn out through the week can be revived! Our Decca Plus Satin Instant Conditioner gives memory to worn hair! By adding a dime size amount (or according to preference) to dry hair midweek, your hair is refreshed and lively again!

Satin Instant Conditioner

  • Keep you hair wrapped nightly with the mesh wrap cap. Perfect for maintaining the overall health and maintenance of your hair

    * One Size Fits Most
    * Cool Mesh Fabric
    * Open Top For Breathing Room

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