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Our unique Decca Plus pH balanced Shampoo will thoroughly cleanse the hair to allow penetration to the hair shaft leaving your hair squeaky clean without the harmful effects of a clarifying shampoo.

Unlike common commercial shampoos, it does not contain synthetic polymers that build up on the hair and scalp.

This works well with our Decca Plus Scalp Therapy which opens the hair follicle and extracts impurities from below the scalp.

:: Healthy Hair Tips ::

● Thorough rinsing before shampooing is key to clean hair!

● Clean hair:

The foundation for any successful service

● Brighten up colors

● Helps your chemical service to be more efficient

● The basis for how your hair will respond to the conditioners that you use

Satin Shampoo

  • Keep you hair wrapped nightly with the mesh wrap cap. Perfect for maintaining the overall health and maintenance of your hair

    * One Size Fits Most
    * Cool Mesh Fabric
    * Open Top For Breathing Room

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